10 Garden Resolutions for 2012

Every year I seem to have one major project or another on the go. While these projects have been crucial to our landscape, managing these projects along with trying to keep up with the necessary garden chores often meant that small jobs kept getting pushed off to another year or that some areas of the… Read more »

The Best of 2011

2011 was like an extreme sandwich for the garden. The summer was hot and dry, nestled in between a spring and fall that were both cold and wet. Top that off with an addition to our home and we definitely found this year to be quite a proposition. Yet as I sit, listening to the… Read more »

Has Winter Finally Arrived?

We came home today after three days away to the first snowstorm of the season. After a mostly grey and rainy December followed by a green Christmas, it was strange to leave our house is what seemed like spring and return to see everything covered in white. While not a lot of snow, only about… Read more »

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Tis the Night Before Christmas, when all through the house, something was stirring, oh shoot, it’s a mouse! The mouse traps were place on the cold floor with care, in hopes that the mouse head soon would be there. The parents were nestled all snug in their beds, while the youngest saw visions of mice… Read more »

Last Winter Lettuce

I went outside today and picked what will likely be the last of the mesclun mix lettuce still growing under cover in our mini greenhouse or cold frame. While the lettuce has survived several nights of below zero temperatures (including one -5C night) it is not growing. I was expecting to harvest lettuce further into… Read more »

Weed Identification Guide

Weeds are public enemy number one to most gardeners. Fighting persistent weeds without the use of chemical pesticides can be quite a challenge. One of the first steps is to know your weed. A great resource guide is produced by the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. The Weed Identification Field Guide (listed about half… Read more »

Too Late For This One

Well it’s that time of year again — the deer are roaming and that means many of my trees are susceptible to damage from bucks rubbing their antlers along the bark. Every year I debate — to cover or not to cover. Bucks rub their antlers on young, flexible trees to remove the velvet that… Read more »

Cold And Blustery Day

The day is proving to be cold and blustery, with the potential for freezing rain in the forecast. It’s that in between time of year — not anything; neither fall nor winter, just a waiting game. So I’m spending the day in my warm, dry and quiet office organizing myself for a winter of garden… Read more »

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Topiary

I was looking for a different outdoor decoration for our front entrance this year and stumbled upon the idea to build my own Christmas tree topiary. I usually use greenery from the garden center and around the yard to decorate the two urns on either side of our doorway. While this looks nice I was… Read more »

Winter Protection Shrub Covers

Winter protection is not something I typically need in our garden. I focus largely on planting cold hardy trees and shrubs and anything that is pushing the limit I place in a protected spot. However this year we had to cut the foundation yews along our house completely down to the ground due to the… Read more »