Why We Grow Our Own Vegetables

I read a very interesting fact today. In the 1960′s Canadians spent on average 18.7% of their total spending budget on food. This percentage dropped constantly to just over 10% of total spending by 2008. And yet, despite spending less money on food our society today is grossly overweight? Why? Certainly we are not eating… Read more »

Nyssa Sylvatica – three years in the waiting

I’ve worked at planting a lot of trees and shrubs native to the Ontario Carolinian forest in my gardens over the past few years. Some have been more successful than others, begging the question as to whether our not our changed habitat and environment can easily support what were once in abundance in our area.… Read more »

Late Season Flowers

Who says you can’t enjoy some summer flowers in October. Every year many of my clematis experience what I believe is clematis wilt. The bottom leaves turn brown and drop, leaving a poor looking climber in the garden. A Polish Spirit clematis that climbs a beautiful globe trellis just outside our bedroom patio does this… Read more »

The Garlic Is In

Thanksgiving weekend finally provided us with a respite from rainy weather, allowing the garden to dry out enough to plant our fall garlic. Growing garlic is remarkably easy. Garlic is said to grow in a wide variety of soil types, in fact I was told at the Stratford Garlic Festival that, over time, garlic adapts… Read more »

Holding Back The Weeds

I do everything I can to keep weeds from encroaching in my garden… … I mulch my gardens to supress weeds and limit new seed germination by supressing light to weed seeds; … I pull weeds in all of my gardens by hand when they are small. An old fashioned two pronged hand weeder is… Read more »

It’s Festival Season

What a great weekend we had. On Saturday we visited the Stratford Garlic Festival where I picked up some garlic to plant in the garden for next season’s enjoyment. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away, again. Remember the 7 varieties of potatoes? Well next year is going to be a similar experimentation year for… Read more »

It’s That Busy Time Of Year

I’ve been a bit behind on the blogging front the last few weeks, having spent my time instead… Harvesting and preserving 4 bushels of tomatoes into 3 types of soup, 2 kinds of tomato sauce, and plain tomatoes now filling a large chunk of my freezer. Harvesting 9 rows of potatoes — who’s idea was… Read more »


We saw this field of sunflowers in Essex County while visiting my parents. Now I’m excited to plant a major patch for myself next year.

Drying Onions and Garlic

I harvested both our onions and garlic this week and am now drying them for storage. Onions are ready for harvesting when the tops have started to yellow and have fallen over. Garlic is ready to harvest once the leaves start to turn yellow. Wait for a dry day about a week after the majority… Read more »

It’s Potato Season

We have been harvesting potatoes at least two times a week for the past couple of weeks now. Our potatoes were planted in a brand new garden this year and while we removed a lot of rocks from the soil prior to planting there were still quite a few in the ground we found when… Read more »