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Pork or Chicken Stuffing Ideas – Dinner for two

I’ve been into stuffing either a port tenderloin or 2-3 chicken breasts each week with a different stuffing. This works out to a good serving size for two people with a little left over for a lunch. My general recipe is a vegetable, cheese, some herbs along with some kind of spread.

The method is butterfly the chicken or tenderloin (thin enough to be able to roll or tie up). Salt the inside of the meat and spread with a generous portion of whatever spread you use. Grate cheese and mix with other ingredients to create stuffing. Add stuffing, roll and tie with string. Drizzle the top with olive oil, salt and more herbs. Bake at 400F for 20-30 minutes.

Stuffing ideas:

Applewood Cheddar & Bacon: applewood cheddar cheese, cooked diced bacon, thyme, salt & pepper, broccoli or asparagus, grainy mustard spread- stuffed chicken

Feta and Olives: feta cheese, spinach, oregano, salt & pepper, spinach, spicy olive tapenade spread – stuffed pork tenderloin

Gouda and mushrooms: smoked gouda, browned finely chopped mushrooms, cumin, thyme, salt & pepper, caramelized onion spread or jelly



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