Beet Jelly

beet jelly

Who would have thought you could make jelly out of something you usually dump down the sink but this is an amazing way to use the water you boil beets in. The first time I made this jelly I cooked the beets the way I usually do, with the skins on. While I cleaned the… Read more »

Peach Jam

I love peaches and the best are Southern Ontario peaches picked during the peak of the season (well okay, any local peaches from your local farmer’s market probably taste just as good). I’ve been expanding my repertoire of jams and jellies each year and this year peach jam was on the list. I honestly think… Read more »

Million Dollar Tomato Jam

“If I Had $1000000 We wouldn’t have to eat Kraft Dinner. (But we would eat Kraft Dinner. Of course we would, we’d just eat more. And buy really expensive ketchup with it. That’s right, all the fanciest Dijon Ketchup. Mmmmmm.)” Barenaked Ladies Well, I don’t know whether I’d like Dijon Ketchup but this recipe for… Read more »

Garlic Jelly

Rosemary mint wine jelly

Looking for something interesting to do with all the extra garlic we have, I came across a recipe for Garlic Jelly in a local wine magazine that was taken from the Bernardin website. The jelly turned out to be very sweet, thanks to 3 cups of sugar, but was very enjoyable on warmed bread with… Read more »

Blueberry Jam

“Puree the blueberries and it makes a jam with a jelly like consistency .” INGREDIENTS 4 1/2 cups crushed blueberries (just under 2 litre container) 2 tablespoons lemon juice 7 cups granulated sugar 1 tablespoon butter 2 pouch certo liquid pectin DIRECTIONS Wash jars. Sterilize jars in stove at 250F for 20 minutes. Put lids… Read more »