My Vegetable Crop Rotation Plan

We all know that crop rotation is critical to a healthy vegetable garden. Crop rotation helps reduce the risk of insects and diseases as well as manages the fertility of your garden soil. While the concepts are not challenging, actually sitting down and planning out a rotation schedule can be a bit frustrating. Everywhere I… Read more »

First Blooms Of The Season

A first sign that spring is just around the corner is the blooms on my Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Westerstede’. These witch hazels are a cross between Japanese witch hazel (H. japonica) and Chinese witch hazel (H. mollis). The bright yellow blooms arrive in my zone 5 garden in mid-March and are very cold tolerant. The… Read more »

Home Made Tiered Grow Lights

Before starting my own seeds indoors I would spend most of March and April looking longingly out the window, wishing for spring to arrive just a little bit faster. Now I not only get a head start on my vegetable garden, I actually look forward to late winter. Last year was my first year starting… Read more »

Storing Vegetables

Our first attempt at storing potatoes, carrots and kohlrabi last winter didn’t turn out too bad. We experimented with what we had — plastic storage containers with a tight seal, a wooden wine crate and those vegetable bags with the holes in them. All of these were placed in our wine cellar, which is kept… Read more »

Never Too Many Seeds

It’s time to order my seeds for the vegetable garden again this year. While I enjoy browsing through the many seed catalogues that come in the mail, I tend to order most of my seeds on-line and this year is no exception. I was even able to place my order on-line for the more unusual… Read more »

Carried Away By The Spud

Last season was our first foray into growing our own potatoes and we had a great year. We grew Yukon Gold, Norland and Russian Blue and were able to eat our own potatoes right up until early January. Unfortunately, that success has now gone to my head. I think I may have gotten a little… Read more »

My Morning View

While we have not had a lot of snow this winter it was a real treat to wake up to a bright blue sky highlighting a fresh snow fall over the gardens this morning.   I am still thrilled, and somewhat amazed, with how well the new landscaping in and around the pool and garden… Read more »

Good Garden Maintenance Resolution

It seems that every year I have a major garden design project or two under way, and despite my many good intentions, garden maintenance seems to fall to the back burner. Well, I’ve promised myself that 2010 will, for me, be the ‘Year Of The Maintenance’. While I have a few small projects already planned… Read more »

What a Change

It’s been a busy summer what with putting in the new pool, a new garage and landscaping around the new areas. In addition, I took the opportunity to widen some other gardens while I was at it. View of Garden House and Pool In August after the landscaping is in. The new landscaping is virtually… Read more »

Another Reason To Prune

I’ve been busy in the garden this past week pruning some shrubs and trees.  Most of my summer blooming spirea have finished blooming and this year I gave them quite a severe pruning to control their size and encourage nice new foliage.  In addition, I’ve pruned back some tall weigela branches.  Pruning weigela is not… Read more »