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It’s time to order my seeds for the vegetable garden again this year. While I enjoy browsing through the many seed catalogues that come in the mail, I tend to order most of my seeds on-line and this year is no exception. I was even able to place my order on-line for the more unusual potato varieties I wanted from a Canadian seed potato supplier Eagle Creek Farms. This is my first try with Eagle Creek but I was pleased with the choices they offer — ok, maybe too pleased!

swisschardAs to variety, I’m still all over the map on that one. Having gardened for only a few years, we are still developing our favourites and quite frankly I like to experiment. One of the big attractions when ordering seeds for me is colour. I have two boys and getting them interested in carrots is so much easier when you grow purple ones as well as the traditional orange. Then again who doesn’t like the look of colourful swiss chard on their plate.

I also like to try something new every year. This year it will be climbing beans and climbing peas. We have grown Scarlet Runner beans in the past and while the flowers are pretty the taste quite frankly is horrible. This year I’m trying one called Stringless Blue Lake. It appears to be more of a traditional looking bean. I guess we will find out.

I’m still fortunate enough to have my Dad start tomatoes and cucumbers for us in his greenhouse so that at least take some of the pressure off. Do you know how many tomato varieties there are out there?

So here is this year’s order,   I’m sure I’ll have more than we can eat again:

  • Zucchini – Golden Dawn III, Onyx and Flying Saucer
  • Albion parsnip
  • Peas – Oregon Dwarf sugar pod, Super sugar snap, Dakota peas, Tall Telephone climbing
  • Carrots – Arrowhead, Purple Haze and Rainbow
  • White Vienna kohlrabi
  • Kaleidescope swiss chard
  • Peppers – King Arthur and Early Sunsation
  • Beets – Touchstone Gold and Detroit Dark Red
  • Raider cucumber
  • Onion – Red Zeppelin seeds and Sturon sets
  • Beans – Maxibel french, Tendergreen Improved bush and Stringless Blue Lake climber
  • Greens- Baby Leaf blend, Tortoiseshell spinach
  • Garlic – spring garlic sets and ‘Music’ fall sets
  • Basil
  • Birdhouse Gourds

Unfortunately there will also be those last minute impulse buys when I am in the garden centers this spring to add to the list.

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