I Got A Robotic Lawn Mower And Love It!

I live on around 2.5 acres. While I’ve added a LOT of garden beds, I still have a little under one acre of lawn to cut. My boys have now grown and moved out, and since I don’t like cutting the lawn, I hired a lawn care company over the past few years. My lawn… Read more »

My Daffodils are Backwards!

Front view of same daffodils

Last fall, with the help of my mom and dad who were up for a visit, I planted a couple hundred daffodils along the edge of my back gardens. Some were the traditional single yellow daffodils, others were white, some multi-coloured. Finally this past week the last started to bloom and they look lovely. There’s… Read more »

My Pruning Schedule

I’ve often found it hard to know what shrubs needed pruning when, and with all the new shrubs I have planted or plan to put in this year, this task will get even harder. To help me this year, I’ve made up a pruning schedule by major time of season. If you are reading this… Read more »

Knowing When To Cut Back

Annual Planters

It has been a terrific summer to enjoy the outdoors this year and at the same time it has been a busy summer for most gardeners. Flower pots had to be watered constantly, often twice daily, to keep up with this year’s heat and sun. The vegetable garden exploded with tomatoes (I’m already at twice… Read more »

How The Garden Fares And What I Have Learned This Year

I can’t believe it’s mid-July already. Yet here we are, already beginning the height of the season. Like most gardeners, I’ve been busy with spring planting, pruning, weeding and watering. It seems like there is something to do every day — but that is the joy of it. While gardening on a two acre property… Read more »

Maple Trees Will Grow Almost Anywhere

I love my maple trees — whether the majestic red and sugar maples in our back woodland, our small hedge maple which provides shade near our patio garden or the even daintier red japanese maples that can survive the winds in our country property. But what I don’t like are the multitude of maple keys… Read more »

83 Yards Of Mulch — Really!

I’m starting to think perhaps I have too many garden beds. OK never mind, that’s just not possible but 83 yards of mulch does seem a little crazy. So we started out like this: 20 yards of mulch, delivered twice to our driveway, and spread out by ourselves over two weekends. Then we ended like… Read more »

More Easy Frost and Pest Protection Covers

I like things to be as easy as possible when I garden and I’m always on the lookout for easier, and quicker, ways to do things. Right now high on my priority list is looking for better ways to protect the vegetable garden from frost and pests. I recently came across these supports for a… Read more »

Time To Take Cover

We are about to pay the piper. You just had to expect that the summer like weather wouldn’t stay and that we were likely in for a return to more normal temperatures and sure enough, here they come. Tonight they are forecasting a low of -3C and by Monday night -5C. The freezing temperatures are… Read more »

Learning To Prune Fruit Trees

Today was a perfect day to prune my crab apple trees. I have to admit that this was a task that needed to be done, but that I wasn’t looking forward to. I believe I’ve fairly well mastered the art of pruning shrubs. After all, it’s pretty hard to ruin a shrub. Most will survive… Read more »