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83 Yards Of Mulch — Really!

I’m starting to think perhaps I have too many garden beds. OK never mind, that’s just not possible but 83 yards of mulch does seem a little crazy. So we started out like this:

20 yards of mulch
20 yards of mulch in the driveway, twice = 40 yards

20 yards of mulch, delivered twice to our driveway, and spread out by ourselves over two weekends.

Then we ended like this:

mulch truck
43 yards inside the truck
Mulch blown into beds
Mulch being blown into the beds

The ends result looked like this:

Mulched beds
One of our beds newly mulched

Guess which option we are going with next year!

3 Responses

  1. Danielle
    | Reply

    This is fantastic. I am voting for this method this year as my parents need a bunch of mulch.. thanks for sharing


  2. Bob
    | Reply

    Next year will just have to run the hoes down to my house????????????

  3. sherry
    | Reply

    looks great.

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