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Storing Vegetables

boxesOur first attempt at storing potatoes, carrots and kohlrabi last winter didn’t turn out too bad. We experimented with what we had — plastic storage containers with a tight seal, a wooden wine crate and those vegetable bags with the holes in them. All of these were placed in our wine cellar, which is kept at a constant 10C. We discovered that the potatoes kept in the wooden wine crate, with paper for insulation and moisture control, lasted the longest. Plastic containers with a tight seal just allowed the vegetable to sweat and eventually get moldy. The vegetables in the vegetable bags just got soft.

So for Christmas I bought my husband some new wooden crates to use for vegetable storage next winter. The crate top fits tightly yet the wood should allow the vegetables to breath. The boys added a nice touch by stenciling the tops to help us identify what vegetables are in which box.

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