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potatoesLast season was our first foray into growing our own potatoes and we had a great year. We grew Yukon Gold, Norland and Russian Blue and were able to eat our own potatoes right up until early January.

Unfortunately, that success has now gone to my head. I think I may have gotten a little bit carried away ordering for this season. There were just so many to choose from!

This season we will be growing 7 different varieties:

  • Yukon Gold – yellow fleshed, mid season
  • Norland – red skin, white flesh, early
  • Russian Blue – purple skin, purple flesh, late
  • Banana – light yellow fleshed fingerling, late
  • Peanut Fingerling – dark yellow fleshed fingerling, early
  • German Butterball – heirloom, buttery flavour, late
  • French Fingerling – red skin, yellow flesh, late

There are apparently over 4000 varieties of potatoes to choose from. I think I showed great restraint limiting myself to 7.

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