Countdown To Spring

I just found this widget and absolutely love it! I’m going to sticky this post until it says zero days left. Enjoy. Spring Countdown Anyone else interested in this cute countdown widget you can find it here.

Don’t Forget To Feed The Birds In Winter Weather

It’s cold and windy outside today, a sudden appearance of winter in Ontario. While I sit inside all cozy, the birds have been circling our feeders all day. I imagine they need a lot of fuel to stay warm right now. Most birds thrive on seeds in winter, since insects and fruit are harder to… Read more »

2012 Vegetable Garden Plan

This is the fourth year that I have sat down and actually planned out our yearly vegetable garden on paper. Our 2012 vegetable garden layout takes into account crop rotation, the fact that we have some new garden space thanks to an expansion last fall and some new, hopefully fun, crops we want to try.… Read more »

Looking Under The Yellow

“Be like Curious George, start with a question and look under the yellow hat to find what’s there.” ¬†James Collins While I’m not sure this is entirely what Mr. Collin’s meant, looking under the hat at my garden I’ve come to realize how little yellow I have in my garden. ¬†While I have the traditional… Read more »

Pink With Attitude

Well February is here, and it’s looking a little dreary outside. The snow has once again melted and when I look out my office window all I see is a lot of gray and brown with a bit of dull green thrown in. So to liven things up until spring arrives I’ve decided to post… Read more »

Winter Came But Will It Stay?

We finally had some winter weather on the weekend dropping about 4 inches of lovely, fluffy snow. Everything looks lovely today, all white and pristine. Unfortunately it does not look like it is going to last as they are predicting a return to unusually warm temperatures again this week. So far this winter we’ve had… Read more »

Harvested Winter Kale And Spinach

While I’m not sure what is happening to winter here in Ontario as we still have no snow on the ground, we have had some cold nights over the past few weeks with several nights down below -15C. But today was a lovely sunny day, enough to entice me out to the vegetable garden to… Read more »

Staying Garden Fit Through The Winter

I find no difficulty keeping reasonable fit during the garden season. There are always beds to be edged, weeds to be pulled, plants to be pruned, rocks to be moved, vegetable gardens to be turned over not to mention all the new plants that need to be hauled from the garden center, moved around in… Read more »

Don’t Love Them To Death

I am not very good at taking care of indoor houseplants. While I have a pretty good green thumb for outdoor gardening, my indoor garden skills are practically non-existent. Even keeping Christmas poinsettias is a major feat for me. However this year I think I have finally figured out what I have been doing wrong… Read more »