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Well February is here, and it’s looking a little dreary outside. The snow has once again melted and when I look out my office window all I see is a lot of gray and brown with a bit of dull green thrown in. So to liven things up until spring arrives I’ve decided to post some colour this month in memory of the season past.

Today’s color is pink,¬†from vivacious to soft, pink can run the gambit from almost purple to almost red. ¬†Named after the flowers called pinks (Dianthus), it seemed a great choice to start.

Pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude. ~Author Unknown

Pink bergenia blooms.

Deep pink blooms of Bergenia.

Pink tulips

Spring just isn’t complete without some pink tulips.

Pink bloom magnolia

Magnolia ‘Susan’ bloom.

Pink Cheddar Charm peony

Peonies provide an array of pink blooms from the soft pink of Cheddar Charm….

Gay Paree Peony pink blooms

to the deeper pink of Gay Paree.

Kolkwitzia in bloom

Soft pink blooms of Kolwitzia amidst a sea of green.

Hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit

Invincibelle Spirit (a new pink blooming version of Annabelle Hydrangea) amidst other pink bloomers in the garden.

Geranium macrorrhizum blooms

Geranium macrorrhizum in bloom.

Pink Annuals

Gotta love the variety in shades you can get from mixed annuals.

Asiatic Lilies

Contrasting colour from this asiatic lily, one of the few to survive the rabbits and deer.

Hydrangea in fall

I love the softer shades of pink from mass planted hydrangeas in the fall.


And how can you talk pink in the garden without including echinacea.

Pink Zinnias

These zinnias bloom in dramatic pink from mid-summer to frost.

Neon Flash Spirea

One of my favourite shrubs, Neon Flash Spirea.

Spirea Shirobana

Of course the softer pink of Shirobana amidst the white blooms is a close runner up.

Berries of Snowberry Marlene

Bring some different colour into fall with pink berries from Marlene Snowberry.

Angela Rose

And while I don’t have many roses left, I’ll finish off with the beautiful small blooms of my climbing rose Rosa Angela.


  1. Laurrie on

    Such glorious pink. My bergenia never looks that good, it has beautiful foliage even in winter, but the blooms are underwhelming and come out when the foliage is at its worst in early spring. I love the Shirobana spirea, must think about a place I could put that!


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