Back With A Fresh Start, And A New Fence

I’ve been away from garden blogging for a while. Having returned to work this past winter my energies were focused elsewhere and that meant taking a break from gardening and garden blogging. Perhaps that’s healthy. I’m now ready to start a new spring with a different viewpoint. My goals are different — it’s more about… Read more »

Knowing When To Cut Back

Annual Planters

It has been a terrific summer to enjoy the outdoors this year and at the same time it has been a busy summer for most gardeners. Flower pots had to be watered constantly, often twice daily, to keep up with this year’s heat and sun. The vegetable garden exploded with tomatoes (I’m already at twice… Read more »

Evolution Of A Gardener

I recognize that I am still relatively new to the gardening thing, having only gardened for about 12 years. Yet in that time, my approach to gardening has evolved. Cycles of hot-dry, cold-wet weather teach you a lot about gardening for the long term as do the natural evolution of knowledge that comes with experience… Read more »

Growing Celery – The Grand Experiment

I first outlined our plans to grow celery in our garden in my Growing Celery in Ontario post in early May. Well I’m happy to say that the experiment in growing celery our first time has been a huge success. Everything I researched came up with four main themes for growing celery: Celery is a… Read more »

Rabbits in the, uh, garden?

Here’s one way to perhaps feed the rabbits and keep them out of the garden. I woke up one morning this week to find this fellow in a bucket that I use to collect pruned and deadheaded materials before taking them to the compost. Better that than my lettuce!

Wind-proof Umbrella Stand

Living in the country has its unique challenges and one of them is wind. Even on a rather normal summer day, gusty breezes come up quickly, making it almost impossible to maintain an umbrella in our wide open pool area. We’ve tried several approaches — bigger stands, rocks on top of the stand, bungee cords… Read more »

How The Garden Fares And What I Have Learned This Year

I can’t believe it’s mid-July already. Yet here we are, already beginning the height of the season. Like most gardeners, I’ve been busy with spring planting, pruning, weeding and watering. It seems like there is something to do every day — but that is the joy of it. While gardening on a two acre property… Read more »

Maple Trees Will Grow Almost Anywhere

I love my maple trees — whether the majestic red and sugar maples in our back woodland, our small hedge maple which provides shade near our patio garden or the even daintier red japanese maples that can survive the winds in our country property. But what I don’t like are the multitude of maple keys… Read more »

The Peas Are Here — So Are The Deer

We enjoyed our first snow peas today fresh from the garden but it was a close call. Two nights ago some deer climbed over our 3 foot fence and decided to have dinner. Their tasty meal consisted of just perfect, ready to pick romaine and boston lettuce after which they enjoyed the tops of our… Read more »

San Marzano Plum Tomatoes Under Cloches

We are trying to get a head start on the garden this year since planting everything in a two week time frame can be a bit overwhelming. I purchased 8 small San Marzano Plum tomatoes Monday from a local garden center and rather than nurse them along in the tiny pots for a couple of… Read more »