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Great Vase For Starting Coleus Cuttings And More

Coleus cuttings from over-wintered coleus
I found this great small vase at our local grocery store a couple of months ago and thought how cute. Took it home and it sat on the counter for a while. This week it was put to good use holding my first set of spring coleus cuttings. These cuttings came from coleus overwintered from cuttings taken from garden plants last fall before the frosts came. Two small overwintered coleus provide me with more cuttings that will eventually be potted up and planted outdoors again this summer.

I have found the best success with rooting starts in water comes when the cuttings are placed in clear glass, the water level is kept above the nodes and the water is changed regularly. The great thing about these vases is that you only need to fill up one vase, they are all interconnected, making topping up easier. This is an advantage since on a sunny day the water level can drop a half inch or more.

And I can just see these adorable vases filled with pansies, scabiosa and other tiny flowers this summer.


  1. Laura Busko on

    Hi Sharon!
    I came to say hi and thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your vase is great, I like it. This is a great idea for someone like me, because I’m trying to learn as much as I can before we start our vegetable garden. I’ll keep you updated on that regard.
    And I hope someday you can have the chance to see Lake Huron when is frozen, it is amazing.


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