Protecting Seedlings From The Elements and Chipmunks

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks. The early arrival of spring in our area pushed many plants ahead at least three weeks pulling forward my spring pruning schedule. Then the cold weather returned which meant watching the weather network nightly to check for the need to cover plants seeded early in the… Read more »

Quiche Lorraine

A classic Quiche Lorraine recipe with a slight twist — I use tarragon mustard instead of dijon and add red peppers. This recipe makes two pies, one of which I freeze for another day. This is not a low fat recipe but with homemade ingredients I think it’s worth it and way better than any… Read more »

More Easy Frost and Pest Protection Covers

I like things to be as easy as possible when I garden and I’m always on the lookout for easier, and quicker, ways to do things. Right now high on my priority list is looking for better ways to protect the vegetable garden from frost and pests. I recently came across these supports for a… Read more »

Time To Take Cover

We are about to pay the piper. You just had to expect that the summer like weather wouldn’t stay and that we were likely in for a return to more normal temperatures and sure enough, here they come. Tonight they are forecasting a low of -3C and by Monday night -5C. The freezing temperatures are… Read more »

Happy First Day Of Spring

Happy first day of spring everyone. It’s finally arrived, that favourite day for gardeners although this year it seems a bit moot as the temperatures are more summer like. Buds are swelling early, the grass is turning green. For once I don’t have to listen to the media cheering the arrival of spring in envy.… Read more »

Canada Blooms: Four Hours … One Idea

I just came back from this year’s Canada Blooms garden show in Toronto. It had been quite a few years since I last attended this show and I was looking forward to the day browsing for some new garden ideas. Already billed as Canada’s largest flower and garden festival, this year’s event was combined with… Read more »

Learning To Prune Fruit Trees

Today was a perfect day to prune my crab apple trees. I have to admit that this was a task that needed to be done, but that I wasn’t looking forward to. I believe I’ve fairly well mastered the art of pruning shrubs. After all, it’s pretty hard to ruin a shrub. Most will survive… Read more »

Vegetable Garden Planting Record

If you haven’t noticed yet, I like to record everything. While this is largely a lot of fun, and mainly for my own interest, there is a practical need to keep yearly vegetable garden records. There is a mountain of information on vegetable gardening out there but even with only a few years under our… Read more »

Spinach Is Not A Warm Weather Plant

We almost made it — just a half a degree shy of a record today. While still not official, the temperature reached a spring like 16C today, albeit with 60km per hour winds. Now this was great for me, I really enjoyed walking around the garden in just a light jacket today. And who needs… Read more »

Right Plant, Right Place

Mother nature never ceases to amaze me. Out for a walk the other day I once again noticed how trees were growing in the middle of a local pond. Surrounded by ice in winter and water all year they not only survive, they thrive and reseed themselves. I believe these trees are some kind of… Read more »