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More Daffodils, Less Tulips

Rabbit damage tulip leaves

Rabbits chewed the leaves and flower stems from my tulips.

Once again the rabbits enjoyed the tulips in my garden more than I did. In the past I’ve tried repellent and this year did drop a wire planter over a couple patches but with almost two acres to garden I don’t have the time, or the energy, to run around and cover everything up for fear of damage from our local critters. I’d much rather spend the time protecting my vegetables. We live in the country — that means deer and rabbits but apparently it also means no tulips.

So note to self, this fall plant more daffodils.


  1. Laurrie on

    I gave up on tulips in the ground, but decided to try potting tulips in a big container, and keeping the pot at the front door. Surely the deer would not clamber up the four stone steps and onto the bluestone porch entryway.

    You know what happened. They did exactly that. I’m surprised they didn’t ring the doorbell. The tulips in the container were munched. Tulips have been highly bred and hybridized for centuries — why can’t they be bred to taste bad? Sorry about yours.


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