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Garter snake eating frog

A garter snake eating a frog.

It’s getting a little bit crowded in the neighbourhood. While planting potatoes in the back vegetable garden today my husband spotted a rather lazy garter snake. Despite making noise the snake didn’t move so of course my husband had to investigate. What he found thrilled my two sons — a garter snake in the middle of eating his lunch, a rather large frog. The snake was so lethargic while trying to consume his tasty treat he was easily scooped up into a bucket. Our oldest took the picture — mid chew. After the excitement they decided to let the snake go. Unfortunately for me after digesting his meal the snake had a lot more energy and jumped out of the bucket in the gardens right next to our kitchen patio. Great, there goes the neighbourhood. I think I will have to drink my morning coffee in the front yard for a while.

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