Carried Away By The Spud

Last season was our first foray into growing our own potatoes and we had a great year. We grew Yukon Gold, Norland and Russian Blue and were able to eat our own potatoes right up until early January. Unfortunately, that success has now gone to my head. I think I may have gotten a little… Read more »

Staking Tomatoes

Every year it’s the same question — what is the best way to stake up our tomatoes? While you can grow tomatoes on the ground, I prefer them staked up for several reasons. I think they produce more good tomatoes that way, the tomatoes are less likely to rot or get eaten by slugs, the… Read more »

Starting Seedlings Indoors

I’m am fortunate to have two areas in our house with corner windows facing both south and west. This means almost all day sun for my vegetable garden seedlings. While it’s not necessary to start all plants indoors (I don’t bother with most early season crops like peas, beets or lettuce for example), this year… Read more »

Ordering Vegetable Seeds

Some warm weather over the past few days and I’m starting to think of gardening. So it was time to sit down, order my vegetable seeds and plan my vegetable garden. Last summer was our first real serious year of vegetable gardening. By that I mean we actually grew more than the basic tomatoes, cucumbers… Read more »

Pretty and Productive

I used to think that vegetable gardens had to be tucked away somewhere as they looked rather ugly next to their beautiful cousins in the flower gardens. It turns out some vegetable plants can really be rather decorative while they are busy providing us with a wonderful bounty to eat. Some vegetables produce pretty flowers… Read more »