How To Grow Longer Beans

It has been a tough year for us green beans wise. We had a very cold and wet spring and our new second garden was not quite ready, delaying our first planting. And, since our new garden was not fenced in like our first garden, the rabbits and deer decided to eat our young sprouts… Read more »

Harvesting, Drying and Storing Garlic

Look out all you vampires it’s garlic season! I harvested our garlic crop on July 27 this year. When to harvest garlic is a judgment call. Pick your garlic too early and the the bulbs will be too small and the cloves will be unformed. Too late and there will not be enough protective layers… Read more »

Vegetable Starts Thriving

While spring might be having difficulty arriving this year, my vegetable starts don’t seem to know it. Our intent this year was to start some lettuce very early indoors and then transplant the small starts under cover into our new cold-frame sized greenhouse. Unfortunately continued snow and freezing weather have made that impossible this year.… Read more »

Time To Plan The Vegetable Garden

March is here and it’s time to finalize the plans for this year’s vegetable gardens. I have already ordered our seeds for this year but it is time to firm up the garden layout and planting schedule. This year I discovered a terrific site which offers a nifty on-line Garden Planning Tool which allows… Read more »

Why We Grow Our Own Vegetables

I read a very interesting fact today. In the 1960′s Canadians spent on average 18.7% of their total spending budget on food. This percentage dropped constantly to just over 10% of total spending by 2008. And yet, despite spending less money on food our society today is grossly overweight? Why? Certainly we are not eating… Read more »

The Garlic Is In

Thanksgiving weekend finally provided us with a respite from rainy weather, allowing the garden to dry out enough to plant our fall garlic. Growing garlic is remarkably easy. Garlic is said to grow in a wide variety of soil types, in fact I was told at the Stratford Garlic Festival that, over time, garlic adapts… Read more »

Drying Onions and Garlic

I harvested both our onions and garlic this week and am now drying them for storage. Onions are ready for harvesting when the tops have started to yellow and have fallen over. Garlic is ready to harvest once the leaves start to turn yellow. Wait for a dry day about a week after the majority… Read more »

It’s Potato Season

We have been harvesting potatoes at least two times a week for the past couple of weeks now. Our potatoes were planted in a brand new garden this year and while we removed a lot of rocks from the soil prior to planting there were still quite a few in the ground we found when… Read more »

Bounty From The Garden

Summer is here and the vegetable garden is really in full swing. After enjoying much of our early season harvest of peas, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and kholrabi we are now enjoying the bounty from our summer garden. We picked all of the vegetables in the above picture today and still have a red cabbage… Read more »

Storing Vegetables

Our first attempt at storing potatoes, carrots and kohlrabi last winter didn’t turn out too bad. We experimented with what we had — plastic storage containers with a tight seal, a wooden wine crate and those vegetable bags with the holes in them. All of these were placed in our wine cellar, which is kept… Read more »