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It’s Potato Season

We have been harvesting potatoes at least two times a week for the past couple of weeks now. Our potatoes were planted in a brand new garden this year and while we removed a lot of rocks from the soil prior to planting there were still quite a few in the ground we found when harvesting. They did not however seem to affect the size or shape of any potatoes. Each of these piles represent the bounty from one potato plant each for Peanut Fingerling (early), Norland (early) and German Butterball (late).

The best part of the process has been enjoying the different varieties and seeing if there is any taste difference. Interestingly, more than taste we notice a texture difference. While the Norland are waxy both the German Butterball and Peanut Fingerling have a firmer texture. We tried both the Norland and Butterball as french fries one evening and found them each terrific. I hope to try the Butterball in potato salad next as it’s firm texture is supposed to hold up well in salads. So far, we haven’t discovered any we don’t like!


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