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Pretty and Productive

I used to think that vegetable gardens had to be tucked away somewhere as they looked rather ugly next to their beautiful cousins in the flower gardens. It turns out some vegetable plants can really be rather decorative while they are busy providing us with a wonderful bounty to eat.

Some vegetables produce pretty flowers like the bright reddish-orange flowers of scarlet runner beans or the dainty dark red flower on asparagus peas. This year we planted several tall sunflowers and allowed the scarlet runner beans to scramble up the stocks.



And don’t forget foliage. Melons, cucumbers and pumpkins provide a variety of pretty foliage. We also grew some gourds up a tee pee trellis for added height.

Edible flowers add a nice touch as well including pansies, marigolds and nasturtium. And of course did I mention the beautiful sunflower.


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