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Spiraea japonica ‘Flaming Mound’ (Spirea)

Height: 80 cm (2-3 feet)
Spread: 80 cm (2-3 feet)
Bloom: medium pink in mid summer, rebloom after pruning
Foliage: lime-green, more on the green side, fading to green in summer.
Spring colour: Orange tips on lime-green, fall colour is red-orange.

Pluses: Flower colour, spring and fall foliage
Minuses: Needs to be pruned after first growth to keep tidy as foliage fades and flowerheads are an ugly showy brown against plain green foliage otherwise.

A slightly larger form of Magic Carpet although it does not hold it’s colour as well without pruning and flowers are a more medium pink this is not a star performer and is best suited for mass planting.

Spirea Flaming Mound

One year old Spirea Flaming Mound with new foliage growth

While some Spirea respond well to deadheading (Neon Flash, Goldmound) others require a more aggressive pruning every few years to keep them from looking haggard. Flaming Mound and Firelight both benefit from severe spring pruning every couple of years.

Garden Location: Mass planted in the Burm Garden

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