Hemerocallis ‘Rosy Returns’ Daylily

Height: 45-60 cm (18-24 inches) Bloom: Very early, repeat (constant) bloomer Colour: Raspberry pink with yellow throat. Rosy Returns is one of the longest bloomers I have seen. It starts in early June and blooms until frost. The only disappointment is that the blooms are set too low in the foliage and the foliage gets… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Regal Heir’ Daylily

Height: 55 cm (22 inches) Bloom: Midseason, repeat bloomer Colour: Lavender purple star shaped narrow petals with yellow green throat. I have this planted with Heuchera Marmalade and the colours complement each other beautifully. I have not noticed that it has rebloomed for me though, either because of our colder climate or because this area… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Purple D’oro’ Daylily

Height: 45-60 cm (18-25″) Bloom: Midseason, repeat (constant) bloomer Colour: Lavender blooms with yellow throat and ruffled edges. Several varieties of continuous blooming daylilies have been introduced over the past few years. In addition to the traditional Stella D’oro I have Happy Returns (light yellow), Rosy Returns (pink) and Purple D’oro (lavendar). Of the pinkish… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Pardon Me’ Daylily

Height: 45-60 cm (18-24 inches) Bloom: Midseason, repeat bloomer Colour: Small burgundy (ruby) red blooms with greenish yellow eye. A miniature daylily with small (2 – 3 inch) blooms in bright cranberry red. The scapes are loaded with blooms and with deadheading Pardon Me will rebloom. I mass planted this at the edges of some… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Pandora’s Box’ Daylily

Height: 65 cm (28 inches) Bloom: Early midseason, repeat bloomer Colour: Rich cream slightly ruffled edges with violet-purple eye and yellow green throat. A multiple award winner including the Award of Merit in 1987, Pandora’s Box is an early bloomer producing smaller (3-4 inches) blooms. One of my first daylilies and still one of my… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Nancy’s Child’ Daylily

Height: 75cm (30 inches) Bloom: Midseason Colour: Pale apricot pink with yellow green eye. Nancy’s Child has large single flowers with ruffled edges. It produces huge, abundant blooms on very tall, thick scapes. This is another variety I picked up at The Potting Shed in 2002 although I haven’t been able to find it listed… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Love Those Eyes’ Daylily

Height: 45 – 60 cm (18 -24 inches) Bloom: Midseason Colour: Golden yellow single flower with deep red centre eye and yellow throat. Wow! Very showy from a distance with blooms that sit way up high. Another variety that I picked up at The Potting Shed in 2002. Heavily ruffled petals of golden yellow with… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Janice Brown’ Daylily

Height: 60 cm (24 inches) Bloom: Early to midseason bloomer Colour: Large baby pink ruffled edges with rose pink inner band and lime green throat Janice Brown was slow to develop in our garden, taking a few years to develop a sizable clump. Now that it has though it is a show stopper. Each scape… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’ Daylily

Height: 60 cm (24 inches) Bloom: Repeat bloomer and extended bloom time, blooms almost all season Bloom Colour: lemon yellow. Happy Returns has the advantage of blooming all season like Stella d’oro but with a softer yellow flower that sits higher up above the foliage. I use it as background in some of my gardens… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Grape Velvet’ Daylily

Height: 58 cm (23 inches) Bloom: Rebloomer and heavy bloomer Bloom Time: Midseason Colour: Deep purple flowers with bright lime green throat. Grape Velvet really glows from a distance. It produces a mass of wine purple 4″ blooms set above the foliage and the leaves do look almost like purple velvet. It is both a… Read more »