Growing Heliotrope From Seed

Heliotrope has a lot of flower characteristics that make it a perfect annual for both containers and in the garden. It has clusters of old-fashioned purple-blue blooms, a sweet, almost vanilla-like scent, and Heliotrope is deer tolerant. FAVOURITE VARIETIES AND SOURCES There are not a lot of choices when it comes to seed propagation. For… Read more »

Growing Coleus From Seed and Cuttings

I waffle every year on whether or not I want to have any coleus in my containers. I prefer coleus when it’s smaller, so it acts as a foliage accent. Containers of huge overflowing coleus just don’t appeal to me. The problem is coleus likes to grow big. Cutting it back too often leads to… Read more »

Growing Dichondra – Hard to Germinate?

I love Silver Falls Dichondra dripping densely from my containers. Buying 40 or so plants a year is expensive, so I decided to try to germinate from seed in 2023. I tried both Silver Falls and Emerald Falls. I found germination difficult (especially Emerald Falls) and growth slow. I thought about over-wintering a mother-plant, but… Read more »

Growing Ageratum – Both Tall and Short

I grew Ageratum for the first time in 2023. Floss flower has a lovely soft purple colour that blends well with darker purples, deep and light pinks, whites, and silver foliage plants, so it was a great addition to my preferred container colour pallet. Ageratum is a long bloomer with little deadheading required. Deadheading shorter… Read more »

Hydrangea aborescens ‘Invincibelle Spirit’

Height: 1.2 m (4 feet) Spread: 1.2 m (4 feet) Bloom: Large, pink, globe shaped heads June to Frost Exposure: Full sun to part shade Foliage: large medium green leaves Pluses: long bloom, winter interest Finally, a pink aborescens hydrangea is here. Until now, all aborescens have been white with the best known being Annabelle.… Read more »

Sun Begonias Deliver In The Heat

My new favourite annuals are sun begonias. I’ve always liked begonias but with very little shade, and our hot dry and often humid summers, they just don’t do well in my yard. Enter what to me are new sun begonias. I picked these up at a local greenhouse this spring and have not been disappointed.… Read more »

Carol Mackie Daphne Sudden Death

I am sad to say my 6 year old Carol Mackie Daphne, planted in 2005, succumbed to what I believe was root rot this past spring. Despite not disturbing the roots and only pruning out damaged wood, my once thriving Carol Mackie started showing signs of branch wilt in 2010. By 2011 the damage was… Read more »

Cupressus macrocarpa Wilma Goldcrest

Attracted by the bright and cheery lime green foliage, I picked up two Monterey Cypress Wilma Goldcrest at my local grocery store just before Christmas 2011. I thought their bright green fern like foliage would look particularly attractive on either side of our mantle, already decked out for Christmas. Wilma Goldcrest was discovered in the… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Salieri’ Daylily

Height: 90 cm (36 inches) Bloom: early season Colour: Huge, very deep red-purple blooms with green throat. Another of my favourites. The blooms sit very high (truly close to three feet), are absolutely huge, there are loads of blooms, not much more you could ask for. Beware picking off dead flowers after a rain though,… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Ruby Stella’ Daylily

Height: 45-60 cm (18-24 inches) Bloom: Midseason, repeat bloomer. Extended bloom. Colour: Bright red small flowers with yellow throat. About the same time as I planted some Pardon Me, I put in some Ruby Stella. They are remarkably alike, almost impossible to tell apart. Hmmm, hope I haven’t mixed the two up! Ruby Stella is… Read more »