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Malus sutyzam ‘Sugar Tyme’

Height: 6 m (18 – 20 feet)
Spread: 5 m (12 – 15 feet)
Bloom: early spring before foliage
Exposure: Full sun

Pluses: four seasons of interest from early spring blooms to healthy foliage to crab apples that remain on the tree October through January.

Malus Crab Apple in Bloom

Malus Sugar Tyme and Malus Indian Magic

Sugar Tyme flowering crab apple buds start out light pink opening to fragrant white blossoms that smother the entire tree in spring. The summer foliage is dark green and largely disease resistant.

Malus Sugar Tyme BloomsI have had some problem with both Eastern Tent Caterpillar and Fall Webworm damaging the foliage however if you are vigilant and catch them early then you can limit the harm done to the leaves. Japanese Beetle also like the foliage although I have found the damage to be minimal (perhaps because they like so many other plants in my yard).

In addition to the spring blooms, one of the most striking features of Sugar Tyme is it’s bright red crab apples that hold through most of the winter.

Malus Sugar Tyme Winter FruitMalus Sugar Tyme grows to about 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide. It should be pruned in late winter once the threat of extreme cold has passed but before the warm weather arrives. Plant in full sun in average to moist conditions. I have mine planted in a large woodland bed rather than in a lawn setting since the fruit, once it drops, can be very messy. Be prepared also for lots of little ‘freebies’ which I’m sure would not be true to form. I easily pull these up as part of my normal weeding routine.

Garden Location: Carolinian Garden.

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