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Growing Ornamental Oregano Kirigami for Containers

Kirigami is an ornamental oregano that is borderline hardy in my zone 5 garden. I planted some in my garden in 2023, we shall see if it overwinters. Having said that, Kirigami makes a great, drought-tolerant annual in containers. Plants have light green foliage with purple bracts and pink flowers that droop over the edges of containers.

This is my personal growing guide. I use it to track seed sources, when to start seeds and if I should adjust growing conditions in my own greenhouse and garden. Please don’t consider this professional grower’s advice. I like the information cards from Ball Seed – here is Ornamental Oregano Kirigami.


Swallowtail Garden Seeds

  • Kirigami
Hardiness Perennial to zone 5/6, tolerates light frost, 20°F (-28.9°C)
Exposure Full sun
Deer resistant Yes
Bloom time & length None
Deadheading None
Water/soil Heat and drought-tolerant, well-draining
Height 8-10 inches
Width 12-14 inches, mounding slightly trailing
Fertilizer Moderate

My own notes: This looks best on its own in a small container


  • start seeds 10 weeks before last frost date (Mar 11)
  • Press tiny seeds into the soil surface; do not cover, need light to germinate.
  • Germinates at 65-70°F or 18-21°C, germinates in 14 days.


  • Grow cooler on temperature 60-65°F (16-18°C)
  • Allow soil to dry out
  • More light = more pink bracts
  • Can go out early as it tolerates light frost

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