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Geranium Rozanne – Long, Long, Blooms

Enjoyed a beautiful early fall day today — lot’s of sunshine and not too hot to work in the garden. I spent the morning deadheading and cleaning up those late summer perennial favourites including several bunches of Echinacea purpurea ‘Kim’s Knee High’, Rudbeckia and the many daylilies I have scattered throughout the garden. While doing so I couldn’t do anything but marvel and the massive blooms still appearing on my Geranium Rozanne. Rozanne begins blooming for me usually by late June. I cut it back severely around early August, as by that time I find the leaves a bit tired looking. Within a couple of weeks I have lush plants again and they bloom, untended right up to frost. Rozanne makes a great groundcover, spreading out where there is room and climbing slightly to ramble within with lower branches of bushes near by.

Geranium Rozanne blooms in September

Geranium Rozanne still blooming strong in mid-September

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