An Obsessive Compulsive Plant Addict

It’s the middle of winter, my garden is under a blanket of snow, and what else do I have to do except browse through gardening books. Always a dangerous occupation for a confirmed tree and shrub addict like myself. I covet trees and shrubs like some women covet shoes. I’m not fussy about having a… Read more »

A Grand Landscape

Moving into our new home in 2004 I was filled with great excitement at having over 2 acres to garden. Building our gardens over the past few years, I have been at times excited, at times challenged and more often than I like to admit, overwhelmed. For the first time this year, I finally had… Read more »

Pretty and Productive

I used to think that vegetable gardens had to be tucked away somewhere as they looked rather ugly next to their beautiful cousins in the flower gardens. It turns out some vegetable plants can really be rather decorative while they are busy providing us with a wonderful bounty to eat. Some vegetables produce pretty flowers… Read more »

Large Blooms Make A Big Show

We often consider a good garden performer, whether perennial or shrub, to be a good garden specimen when it provides an abundance of blooms. Yet sometimes, just a few over-sized blooms can make a dramatic statement in the landscape. Three years ago I planted a Henri Clematis with Polish Spirit in a fairly shady location.… Read more »

My Carolinian Garden

Having spent some time researching trees for our property, and in particular my woodland areas, I have been on a quest to add trees and shrubs native to the Carolinian Forest with a particular interest in those native to Ontario. Although I do not plan to limit myself to just native plant material, there are… Read more »