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Large Blooms Make A Big Show

We often consider a good garden performer, whether perennial or shrub, to be a good garden specimen when it provides an abundance of blooms. Yet sometimes, just a few over-sized blooms can make a dramatic statement in the landscape.

Big Blooms Clematis

Three years ago I planted a Henri Clematis with Polish Spirit in a fairly shady location. While Polish Spirit has bloomed in each of the last three years, I have not seen any blooms on the Henri Clematis until this year. In full sun, Henri is a prolific bloomer. Yet in this location, just a few over-sized blooms appear, making a terrific contrast to the darker, smaller yet abundant purple blooms on Polish Spirit.

While most daylilies provide a bountiful supply of blooms, my Janice Brown daylily has always been a slow grower providing just a few blooms each season. Yet the 5″ or more bloom size makes it a knockout when it is in bloom.

Big Blooms Daylily

Both prolific and large, my Honey Bee Asiatic Lily has blooms that are almost 10″ across.

Big Blooms Asiatic Lily

These few, but large sized blooms are a delight to see both from a distance and up close. Next year when garden planning I will try and remember to put in a few more plants that provide such over-sized beauties.

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