July Offers An Abundance Of Blooms

July is the month when we are most rewarded for all of our hard work in spring with an abundance of summer colour. So many shrubs and perennials bloom during July that I fear if you blink you miss something. Early July starts off with roses, clematis and summer blooming spireas. The vegetable garden is… Read more »

Eratic Weather Affecting Plants

Ask any gardener and they will likely tell you they often rail against the weather. Well this year has been a year full of all kinds. We’ve finally hit our first extended heat wave which has driven me in most afternoons. Luckily I can still enjoy a view of the gardens from indoors. It’s been… Read more »

Weather Can Be Fun

Being a gardener I am always watching the weather, wishing of course I could control it. I know I can check the weather instantly on the internet but that gives me results for the nearest airport, several miles from where we live. But what are the conditions like in my own backyard? Yes OK, I… Read more »