All Planned Out

After ordering my vegetable garden seeds last week, I spent this past weekend planning our vegetable garden. We have a large fenced in garden about 35 feet by 35 feet and use my ornamental gardens as overflow. The plan for our vegetable garden is based on the principal of crop rotation. Crop rotation ensures that… Read more »

Ordering Vegetable Seeds

Some warm weather over the past few days and I’m starting to think of gardening. So it was time to sit down, order my vegetable seeds and plan my vegetable garden. Last summer was our first real serious year of vegetable gardening. By that I mean we actually grew more than the basic tomatoes, cucumbers… Read more »

An Obsessive Compulsive Plant Addict

It’s the middle of winter, my garden is under a blanket of snow, and what else do I have to do except browse through gardening books. Always a dangerous occupation for a confirmed tree and shrub addict like myself. I covet trees and shrubs like some women covet shoes. I’m not fussy about having a… Read more »

Winter In The Garden

While we may not have had record snow falls this year, this is the first year in a long time I can remember almost constant snow cover on the ground. I can almost hear the garden purring in delight. It’s beautiful to look out the windows at the snow covered winter garden, watch the heavy… Read more »

Do you need to deer proof your garden?

Living where we do we have come to enjoy the sight of deer grazing in our back bush. Having said that, I must admit to taking some offense when the deer completely chow down on a particular garden favourite (mine, not theirs). When we first started landscaping our yard, I was keen on ‘deer proofing’… Read more »

Snow Day

My boys are thrilled as today was the first snow day of the 2008/2009 winter season. Fortunately for me I’m ready for Christmas so it just means we will start our Christmas holidays a little early. Despite the driving snow, our feathered friends are still out in full force. Although I have planned my garden… Read more »

A Grand Landscape

Moving into our new home in 2004 I was filled with great excitement at having over 2 acres to garden. Building our gardens over the past few years, I have been at times excited, at times challenged and more often than I like to admit, overwhelmed. For the first time this year, I finally had… Read more »

More Rocks In The Landscape

With an abundance of rocks, both large and small, available to me free in a lot near us I have become quite addicted to adding rocks in my landscape. I have used rocks as edging between the beds and grass, as borders between walkways and wilder areas, as focal points and even built a huge… Read more »

Pretty and Productive

I used to think that vegetable gardens had to be tucked away somewhere as they looked rather ugly next to their beautiful cousins in the flower gardens. It turns out some vegetable plants can really be rather decorative while they are busy providing us with a wonderful bounty to eat. Some vegetables produce pretty flowers… Read more »

July Offers An Abundance Of Blooms

July is the month when we are most rewarded for all of our hard work in spring with an abundance of summer colour. So many shrubs and perennials bloom during July that I fear if you blink you miss something. Early July starts off with roses, clematis and summer blooming spireas. The vegetable garden is… Read more »