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Carol Mackie Daphne Sudden Death

I am sad to say my 6 year old Carol Mackie Daphne, planted in 2005, succumbed to what I believe was root rot this past spring. Despite not disturbing the roots and only pruning out damaged wood, my once thriving Carol Mackie started showing signs of branch wilt in 2010. By 2011 the damage was quite severe with almost a third of the inside branches having been pruned back. My thoughts were to attempt to save the shrub by pruning it back severely and hoping for fresh new growth. However when I reached down for a branch this spring, it came completely off the base of the shrub with barely a pull.

Carol Mackie root rot

A picture of the base of a branch showing signs of root rot.

Our past two springs have been rather wet and the location in my front bed receives a lot of water from underground drains from our downspouts. Hence in a wet year the soil here stays very moist, not the ideal conditions for Carol Mackie in spring.

Luckily I was prepared and planted a second Carol Mackie in our back garden in 2010 so I am still able to enjoy it’s lovely scent and beautiful foliage. This location is much sunnier and drier so I hope that bodes well for a longer life.

Carol Mackie Daphne

Carol Mackie Daphne in the new garden in spring 2012 (2 years old)

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