Welcome to my garden

I love to garden. I also love to experiment. Throw the two together and you have my everchanging garden.

In 2004 we purchased a little over 2 acres in the country in Southern Ontario. My garden has taken many twists and turns since then and I have made many discoveries along the way. I hope you enjoy a little of what is here.

Latest from the Blog

Raw Beet Salad
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I love beets. Boiled, roasted, Harvard beets – anything except pickled beets (sorry pickle lovers). ¬†However, all the rain we’ve had this year has meant an abundance of big beets. So, I decided... Read More

Getting an Early Start to the Vegetable Garden
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Living around the Kitchener-Waterloo area in southern Ontario we have a decent gardening season, but most years you can’t reliably plant vegetables outside until late May and most produce is finished by late... Read More

My Daffodils are Backwards!
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Last fall, with the help of my mom and dad who were up for a visit, I planted a couple hundred daffodils along the edge of my back gardens. Some were the traditional... Read More

My Pruning Schedule
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I’ve often found it hard to know what shrubs needed pruning when, and with all the new shrubs I have planted or plan to put in this year, this task will get even... Read More