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Window Well Coldframe

Unfortunately my coldframe was full of planted lettuce this spring so that meant no room to put my starter plants out to harden them off. Looking around I decided to use my window wells as cold frames and they worked beautifully.

Window well coldframe in use

Sunken window well protects plants from cold winds and the gravel bottom makes for easy watering.

Window well greenhouse or coldframe

Plants covered by plastic mini-greenhouse on cold nights


  1. Dandelion on

    I had a question I would like to ask. We live in the mountains of Colorado. The summers are gorgeous, though global warming is making it hot. Here’s my question to you. I would like to make a basement window well into a hothouse. I would insulate the metal around it and use a plexiglass top to ensure it gets good light. It would also be getting the warmth from the room. But in winter it gets pretty cold
    The summers are no problem (though the heat lately make take a toll), but the winters can get get bitterly cold with lots of snow. Will this work?


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