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Spring Blooms Finally Arriving

It’s been a cold and raining spring and everything in the garden is almost a full month behind last year. This past week however we finally started to see some blooms on the early spring blooming garden shrubs including my Magnolia, Chanticleer Pear and several Serviceberries.


  1. Valerie DeNike on

    TaDAA! This is my first blog experience. I enjoyed your website and the how to draw garden plans. Thank You!

    I live in southeast Michigan and I have an odd plant that I cannot put a name to. Perhaps you can help…

    It is a single dark pink colored rose on a stem with typical leaves, about 13″ high, but just that one stem and bloom. They just pop up here and there in my east bed, bloom once, then adios Amigos Rosa. Any Idea what it is or how I can find out??

    Thank You,

    Valerie Rose DeNike

    (Hmmm, just noticed the theme….)

  2. everchanging gardener on

    Hi Valerie
    I do not know a lot about roses so am not sure I can help. The only roses I know that pop up all over from my experience are the native wild roses. I have some that bloom, once only, with many small blooms in June and they spread, profusely, by underground runners. The ones in my back woodland have many thorns. If you think it may be something like this, try this site as a start: davesgarden wild rose article


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