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Spiraea japonica ‘Neon Flash’ (Spirea)

Height: 100 cm (3 feet)
Spread: 100cm (3 feet)
Bloom: deep red-pink in Jun-July then again heavy in August-September
Foliage: purple-red new growth in spring fades to a nice green.

Pluses: Flower colour, spring foliage
Minuses: Needs to be pruned after first growth to keep tidy as foliage fades and flowerheads are an ugly showy brown against plain green foliage otherwise.

Spirea Neon Flash

Spirea Neon Flash line a walkway

It’s hard to beat this spirea in bloom. It’s deep red-pink flowers are stunning and cover the plant twice a season. Flowers first cover the plan in July with bright neon (hence the name) pink frothy masses atop the foliage. Deadhead this shrub strongly after blooming and it will provide a second, equally impressive set of blooms in September that last until a hard frost.

Spirea Neon Flash in September

Slightly smaller flowers on Spirea Neon Flash in September cover the plant nonetheless.

The spring growth is a nice red-purple that fades to green. Prune in spring to shape and again after blooming to control size and encourage reblooming.

Garden Location: A stellar performer I have these both mass planted and as specimen shrubs. They line the steps along our Kitchen Patio Garden and several others are spread throughout the yard.

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