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Spiraea japonica ‘Magic Carpet’ (Spirea)

Height: 60 cm (18 inches)
Spread: 60 – 80 cm (18 inches to 2 feet)
Bloom: deep pink, mid-summer, rebloom in August
Foliage: orange-red in spring and fall changing to chartreuse green with red tips that holds its summer colour well.

Pluses: Foliage colour, flower colour, small size

I love this one. It is good as a front of the border shrub or groundcover due to its low height.

Magic Carpet starts the spring with deep red-orange foliage. It blooms in June-July with deep pink flowers that contrast with the now lime-green foliage.

Spirea Magic Carpet foliage

Magic Carpet spirea foliage is a bright lime green and holds this colour well

New growth is again deep red-orange against a lime-green that holds its colour well and does not fade.

Spirea Magic Carpet new growth

New leaves offer a hint of burnt-orange above the underneath lime green foliage. Shearing the flowers in early July will produce fresh new growth.

Fall colour is a nice russet red.

As with most of my spirea I prune back slightly in spring to shape and deadhead blooms in mid-summer. You can also shear Magic Carpet every few years to 8 inches and this will provide fresh new growth and blooms by summer.

Garden Location: Bedroom Patio Garden, Front Walkway Garden

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