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My Life Is Ruled By The Weather

We’ve had a great summer so far — lots of rain from thunderstorms but also lots of sun and heat. As most gardeners do, I plan my day or week based on what the weather predicts. This week, with both my kids in camp and sunny weather predicted all week, I decided it would be a great week for summer pruning, picking vegetables and lot’s of garden maintenance. I followed that plan on Monday and Tuesday when low and behold the weatherman predicted an 80% chance of rain for Wednesday evening. So at 8:00 the morning I took off to the local hardware store, purchased some lawn fertilizer and instead spent the morning fertilizing my lawn — I have over 1 acre of lawn so it takes a while. I then cut my lawn at little lower than normal for me (which is still higher than most people cut their lawn) and spent some time spreading out any grass clumps, then sat back and watched with glee as the thunderstorms rolled in. As of early this evening we received 1.8 inches of rain, how perfect. The next few days call for normal to below normal temperatures with a sun cloud mix and little precipitation so bring it on, but if that changes that’s okay, I’m adaptable.

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