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Roasted parsnipsToday was another fall harvest day at our house. We dug up more potatoes, some carrots, parsnips and beets, and picked some of the last of the tomatoes (so sad).

I spent the afternoon roasting vegetables for various soups and dinner. Roasting everything at once just seemed to make more sense. I made roasted garlic potato soup which we ate with supper and set aside the ingredients to try roasted parsnip soup tomorrow. Next week the plan is to make carrot-apple soup. If I had my way we would eat soup almost every day but there might be a revolt in my household if I tried that.

Update: We found the parsnip soup recipe a little to bland for our liking so I adjusted the recipe a bit. I added 1/4 teaspoon each cumin, nutmeg and paprika. I did not strain the soup as recommended and next time I would cut back on the water to 2 cups to make the soup a bit thicker with great texture.

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