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Flying Saucer Zucchini

You know summer is here when the summer squash start to appear in the garden. Today we enjoyed our first zucchini of the season, okay well one only but hey it’s still June. I planted three varieties of summer squash this year: Onyx, Golden Dawn III and Flying Saucer. I expect we will be eating some Golden Dawn by next week but our first squash was a Flying Saucer also known as patty pan or scalloped squash. Summer squash can be steamed, sauteed, grilled or roasted, and can be used in casseroles or as toppings for pizza or in rice dishes. Since we only had one to enjoy today I decided to enjoy it’s full flavour grilled and seasoned with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper. This was on top of rice stir fried with onion, garlic, red and orange pepper and Kaleidescope swiss chard, including chopped stalks and greens, also fresh from the garden.


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