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Caramel Sauce

“While I use this recipe to make Banana Tarts every Christmas, I always keep a can of prepared caramel in the refrigerator for snacks. The kids really enjoy a small spoonful with sliced apples and bananas, much better than that runny store bought version.”

  • 1 can eagle brand sweetened, condensed milk
  1. Place can of milk in a large, deep pan. You want the pan to be at least twice the depth of the can. Fill with water so water is well over top of can.
  2. Boil can for 2 hours, watching constantly, and refilling with water. Be sure water level NEVER falls below the top of the can.
  3. Remove and cool.
  4. Remove lid from can and it will now contain caramel.

An open can of caramel, covered tightly with plastic wrap, will last for months in the refrigerator.

YIELD: 1 can

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