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Best Fries Ever

We have been making fresh cut french fries since growing our potatoes three years ago.  While we love fries I hate the cleanup.  Oil splattered all over the stove which seems to take days to completely clean.  I often debated about purchasing a deep fryer but every time I went to look at one I talked myself out of it.  Why?  I hate single purpose cooking equipment and since we don’t deep fry anything else that is what a deep fryer would be — an expensive, cupboard hogging french fry maker.  The solution?  An electric skillet.

Earlier this week I picked up a 12in x 16in Hamilton Beach electric skillet.  I figured the larger surface area would be better for making french fries and I could use the skillet more often.  The advantages of having an electric skillet to me were

  • Better control of temperature for certain recipes like french fries;
  • Backup skillet when my stove goes or when we have company;
  • I could use it outdoors to keep the smell of say fish out of the house when entertaining;
  • It’s larger surface area would be great for cooking large batches of pancakes, bacon or whatever or for larger one pot meals.
Best ever french fries

Cooking french fries in an electric skillet gave better fries and the cleanup was way easier.

Well today we made fries in our new electric skillet, cooking twice cooked french fries, and I’d have to say everyone thought they were the best ever! And an added bonus? The cleanup was way easier than with a dutch oven on the stove.

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