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As a gardener I often get very frustrated with the weatherman. I mean really, sometimes they can’t even get the weather prediction correct a day ahead. Saturday’s weather though made it very apparent why predicting the weather can be so difficult. The forecast called for a chance of thunderstorms with rain predicted in the 2-5mm range. Well, we got our thunderstorms alright — along with more than 55mm of rain (2.2 inches!).

You can see that the storm was a very narrow band of heavy rain and it all flowed right over top of where we live! So while we were lucky and got 55mm+ quite a few areas north and south of us received just the predicted 2-5 mm. Luckily we did not receive any hail or damaging winds although our hydro was out for 14 hours since a tree knocked down a major hydro line near us.

And hurray, no need to water for another week or two!

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