Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’ Daylily

Height: 60 cm (24 inches) Bloom: Repeat bloomer and extended bloom time, blooms almost all season Bloom Colour: lemon yellow. Happy Returns has the advantage of blooming all season like Stella d’oro but with a softer yellow flower that sits higher up above the foliage. I use it as background in some of my gardens… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Grape Velvet’ Daylily

Height: 58 cm (23 inches) Bloom: Rebloomer and heavy bloomer Bloom Time: Midseason Colour: Deep purple flowers with bright lime green throat. Grape Velvet really glows from a distance. It produces a mass of wine purple 4″ blooms set above the foliage and the leaves do look almost like purple velvet. It is both a… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Double Firecracker’ Daylily

Height: 58 cm (23 inches) Bloom: Early bloomer, blooms for extended period Colour: Burnt red double blooms with complementary gold-green centres. Double Firecracker produces very large 6″ red bronze blooms. The colour is better than Double Bronze as the colour has a deeper red bronze however the blooms often are tucked inside the foliage. It… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Double Daffy’ Daylily

Height: 71 cm (28 inches) Bloom: Midseason Colour: Gold yellow with slightly ruffled edges and red mahogany eye. Another selection I picked up from The Potting Shed in 2002. The blooms are double, very dainty but floriferous. Blooms are held very high above the foliage, something that I think makes a great daylily. Double Daffy… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Double Bronze’ Daylily

Height: 76 cm (30 inches) Bloom: Midseason Colour: Bronze with yellow throat surrounded by deeper bronze-burgundy shading A daylily with a double flower and slight ruffled edge. I picked up this daylily from The Potting Shed in 2002 and it has been a great performer. Blooms are large, appear above the foliage and it builds… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Autumn Red’ Daylily

Height: 45 – 55 cm (18-22″) Bloom: Midseason, rebloomer Colour: Orange red with yellow throat and stripe Narrow red petals with yellow eye and yellow throat. I picked this one up based on the tag picture thinking it had those deep autumn colours I like so well but the show has not yet been as… Read more »

Hemerocallis ‘Anzac’ Daylily

Height: 60-80 cm (24-36″) Bloom: Midseason bloomer Color: Deep crimson red with yellow-green throat Deep true red daylily with yellow-green throat. Blooms are about 5″. This is very bright and can be seen well from a distance. Blooms are held on scapes that are above the foliage. Very showy, provides plenty of blooms and colour… Read more »