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More Than Snow White

In honour of the snow storm that didn’t happen this week, today we celebrate the colour white in the garden.

Did you know that in general white and pale flowers are more strongly scented than their darker counterparts?  I guess that is why I so enjoy the white apple blossoms, white lilacs and most especially the white blooms of our Hawthorn Grove every spring.  White is abundant in my garden in spring and again when the hydrangeas first bloom, before they take on their pinker hues.  I wonder however if I should add a moon garden — something I can see from our bedroom patio perhaps?  Yes, there is always something to ponder when gardening.

perennial bloodroot in bloom
Some native bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis.
Amalanchier serviceberry
White spring blooms of one of four Amelanchier serviceberry.
Malus Sugar Tyme
Malus 'Sugar Tyme' blooms start out pink opening to fragrant white blossoms.
Malus Sugar Tyme blooms
Crab apple 'Sugar Tyme' blossom.
Spirea Grefshiem
Grefshiem spirea is a lot like Bridal Wreath spirea but blooms earlier and is much smaller.
Hawthorn grove
The fragrant white theme continues with the blooms from the Hawthorn Grove.
White Hawthorn bloom
Pure white hawthorn blossoms.
Sweet woodruff
Sweet woodruff in the woodland garden.
White peonies contrast with variegated hasta.
Doublefile Viburnum Shasta
Doublefile viburnum 'Shasta' provides white blooms in June.
Silver white foliage of white lamium.
Annabelle hydrangea
Annabelle hydrangea.
Little Lamb Hydrangea
Recently added Hydrangea 'Little Lamb' brighten up the edges of the woodland garden in summer.
Hydrangea paniculata Quick Fire
Even Hydrangea paniculata 'Quick Fire' starts out white before the blooms turn a deep rich pink.
garlic bulbs
The vegetable garden provides some white in the form of these drying garlic bulbs.
snow sculpture
But alas, winter does return so we are always lucky to find some periodic winter sculptures to hold us until summer returns.

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