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Is It April Yet?

So I’m a little anxious, can you blame me? I just finished expanding the size of our second vegetable garden and surrounding it with a new fence to keep the deer and rabbits out next season. It looks so inviting, just waiting to be planted. I did get started by planting my fall garlic crop today.

Garden Fence and Gate

The fence is made of half-inch galvanized welded wire fence. The fencing material is 36 inches high but I buried it 6 inches into the ground to deter the rabbits from digging around the perimeter. For access I added a 4 foot wide rod iron fence, the inside of which is lined with the same half-inch welded wire fence material. While I know deer can easily walk over that fence height the main objective is to stop easy browsing. This seems to work well in our other vegetable garden since there is a lot of other plant material for them to eat nearby. The corner posts are about 5 feet high, we can easily string wire higher if needed. Deer do not like to jump what they can’t see to fine wire sometimes works well as a deterrent. Hanging shiny items around the outside might also become an option. Regardless, I can’t wait until spring!

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