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Cold Weather Tiring But Normal

I’m starting to question whether or not spring is every going to arrive. While updating my 2011 garden journal I noted that last year at this time we had early greens and peas sprouting in the vegetable garden. This year we haven’t even been able to work the soil yet.

But when you really look at it the weather this year is, like it or not, normal. The average high in March 2010 was 3.2C in our area. While this was significantly below last year’s average of 7.9C, it is really just slightly below the normal temperature of 4C for our area and certainly not the coldest March in the last several years. Oh well, it can’t stay cold forever, can it?


  1. Laurrie on

    I too am despairing about spring down here in southern New England, even knowing it is normal, and that 2010 was way too early way too soon. This year it just seems like it’s never going to get here. Ever.

    But it will.


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