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Best June Blooms

I think June has to be my favourite month in the garden for blooms. While the early spring bloomers are a sight for sore eyes, June blooms just pop with amazing size and colour. The dramatic effect of Beauty Bush, the deep colours of peonies and weigela and of course the scent of lilacs and Carol Mackie Daphne really make June a gardeners dream. In addition to my Beauty Bush mentioned earlier, here were some of my favourite June blooming shrubs this year. (OK technically peonies are not a shrub but they are so large they might as well be!).

Weigela ‘Red Prince’ planted in 2009. It will need some shaping this year but the colour is stunning.

Weigela Wine & Roses contrasts with Gay Paree

Miss Kim Lilac — a severe cutting last year resulted in a shrub loaded with fragrant blooms

Peony Cheddar Charm – the peony blooms were oversided this year probably due to all the rains in spring

Viburnum plic. F. tomentosum ‘Shasta’ – Doublefile Viburnum looked even more stunning on a cloudy day

Fagus Sylvatica Roseo-Marginata — Tricolor Beech

I loved the multi-tones in this unknown champagne pink peony.

Bright foliage on Golden Spirit Smoke Bush

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