My New Mini-Greenhouse

Last season I searched everywhere for a sturdy multi-purpose protective cover that I could use as either a moveable row cover or as a cold-frame. I have some small 2 foot by 1 foot plastic dome covers that I use as row covers in spring but I wanted something larger and better suited to extending… Read more »

Holding Tray For Egg Carton Seed Starters

Egg cartons make eco-friendly, cheap seed starters to start your seeds indoors. The downside of using egg cartons for seed trays is that they can become pretty flimsy. What I needed was some form of holding tray for the base which would help hold in moisture and provide support.

Epcot Greenhouses

We just returned from Florida (to very cold weather unfortunately). One of my favourite tours was through the greenhouses at Epcot. Living with the Land is a boat ride through three greenhouses that form the Sustainable Agriculture and Research Center at Walt Disney World. In these greenhouses, Disney is experimenting with different growing techniques. An… Read more »

Overwinter Coleus

This winter I found out just how easy it is to grow coleus from cuttings and overwinter these cuttings as a starter plant for spring. It all started with a beautiful coleus I had growing in a pot in my front entrance – Coleus ColorBlaze ‘Sedona’. What I love about this particular coleus is it’s… Read more »

Home Made Tiered Grow Lights

Before starting my own seeds indoors I would spend most of March and April looking longingly out the window, wishing for spring to arrive just a little bit faster. Now I not only get a head start on my vegetable garden, I actually look forward to late winter. Last year was my first year starting… Read more »