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My Daffodils are Backwards!

daffodils along back garden 2016

Last fall, with the help of my mom and dad who were up for a visit, I planted a couple hundred daffodils along the edge of my back gardens. Some were the traditional single yellow daffodils, others were white, some multi-coloured. Finally this past week the last started to bloom and they look lovely. There’s just one problem. One entire group is backwards! Seriously, they face towards the inside of the bush, not out, towards the yard. It’s like they are mad at me or something. You can see for yourself:

daffodils facing the interior of the garden

Oddly enough, this is the only variety that is doing that. All the others have their pretty faces frontwards. You might think that because daffodils are phototropic they are just facing the sun right? Nope. These guys are facing south true enough, but that’s into a shaded garden not towards the brightest view. No way are they turning their front to more light facing the way they are. In fact with the most light towards the lawn, that’s the direction all the other daffodils are facing. And I also doubt my husband’s thought that I planted them backwards – I had to explain that bulbs are round so no, that’s not possible.

Mind you, these particular daffodils only opened fully this past week. Maybe it will take them a while to acclimatize. In the meantime, I just have to walk around and under the trees to enjoy this pretty site:

Front view of same daffodils

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